March 3, 2015

Exclusive interview with Jazz/RnB songstress Shayna Steele

Hello my music lovies! I am excited to share my first interview of the year.. I had a chance to have a "soul-versation" with the talented musician, songwriter and actress Shayna Steel. We discuss Europe, her latest album "Rise" and more... Check it out!

Miss Keta M.: Hi Shayna, thank you taking time out of busy schedule for his interview! 2015 is your year, you released your second studio album Rise and currently on an international tour, congrats! As you perform through various city/towns in Europe, do you have a favorite city/town you love performing in and if so why? 

Shayna Steele: Hi! Thanks for the interview! Probably Muri, Switzerland at Musig Im Ochsen is my favorite. I’ve played there 4 times now and the audiences are warm and excited about the music. Most especially the guy who runs the program, Stephan Diethelm is one of my favorite people in this business. He’s been such a huge part of my success overseas. I consider him family! I really enjoyed playing Porgy and Bess in Vienna as well as Moods in Zurich, too!

Nice.. I listened to your album Rise and the combination of your powerful vocals, the lyrical content, live music (thanks to your talented band) and the combination of genres (Blues, Gospel, Jazz, and RnB) made me have your album on repeat!  I felt like some of the songs describe some time periods in my life (for example I Got You and Coulda Had Me). Can you describe the writing process behind Rise? 

Thank you so much! I Got You is a lullaby to my unborn child (who is now 2 years old and running around the hotel as we speak). I wrote the lyrics right after my first ultrasound. Her heartbeat was the inspiration behind that. Coulda Had Me was written between myself, David Cook and Caitlan Evanson in 3 different places at 3 different times. It’s my favorite song to date that I’ve written and it was inspired by a dear friend of mine who caught his fiancĂ© in the act of cheating…I know, deep. He’s since moved on and is blissfully married, so that story inspired me to write about moving on from such a devastating situation.  

Oh wow, that is deep! I'm glad he found the love of his life, thanks to his ex-fiance. I love how the title of the song sums up the situation..
One of my favorite tracks is the jazz, blues and gospel track Gone Under (also featured on Grammy Award winning band Snark Puppy’s 2013 album - Family Dinner - Volume One. I felt like I was in church when I was listening to the track (which is a good thing)! What is the inspiration behind that track!  
I wrote the lyrics on an airplane. David had recorded the piano vamp ahead of time and I was flying to LA for work and just started writing. I was actually inspired by the play ‘Night Mother when I was writing that. Unfortunately, the character in the play does not do any soul searching like the song...

I shared a few of my favorite tracks from the album. Do you have a favorite track(s) from Rise?
Coulda Had Me, Can’t Let You Go and Wear Me Down

Great, songs! Lastly, do you have any upcoming projects or new music ventures you would like to share?
Going on tour next week with Snarky Puppy for a few dates in Singapore and Indonesia. I’ll also be playing in San Francisco and LA in July, NYC AND PHILLY in June and back to Europe a few more times this year. I’m also working on doing a Live album with my current touring band. They are so awesome and my live show is another experience I’d like to capture. 

Once again, thank you for the interview Shayna! When you perform in Philly, let me know because we definitely have to have a formal meeting!
Yes! I have a gig in Philly this summer. When everything is finalized, I’ll be in touch! Can’t wait to meet you. Thanks for the interview. 

Listen to one of my favorite tracks from the album titled Gone Under and make sure you cop Rise ASAP!  If you want to see Shayna live in concert, visit her website for upcoming tour dates. Also, leave your thoughts on the interview, and/or Shayna's music...

February 27, 2015

Listen to Tamia's new RnB track - Sandwich and a Soda

Canadian RnB/Soul songstress (and Grant Hill's wife) Tamia new flirty track Sandwich and a Soda gives you a insight on how to treat your man! The intro to Sandwich and a Soda features Tamia's inciting vocals laying down the road map of what she got in store for her man as a bass guitar provides the background track.

As the song progresses, the beat becomes uptempo and Mrs. Hill goes in! She singing about "riding her curves in the Chevy Nova" and when she is done, "she will fluff the pillows and bring him a sandwich and a soda"!

Hey, I guess after all that riding and chauffeuring, who got time to make a five course meal (you might miss another round - you know what I'm saying)? Tamia kept it sweet and simple, a sandwich and a soda (I know that's right...)!

Listen to Sandwich and a Soda from her upcoming album LoveLife (Def Jam Recordings) below and share your thoughts on the track! Enjoy...

February 25, 2015

Classic soul: Christina Aguilera- Loving Me 4 Me

Hey my music lovies! Did you ever hear a song you have not heard in a while and once you hear it, past thoughts (good or bad) flood your brain like a overflowing sink (I couldn't think of anything else that overflows don't judge me, lol)? I have those moments very often when I listen to music, but thanks to Pandora and my co-workers, I can't get Christina Aguilera Loving Me 4 Me out of my head...

Recently, my co-worker played an RnB/Soul music station on Pandora. If you know Pandora, you choose one artist and they play fifty other artists similar to artist and genre. While I'm doing work and one of my favorite tracks from Christina Aguilera - Loving Me 4 Me came on! As soon as I heard the beat, it took me back to my early days of non-stop Pandora streaming! 

From her 2002 Stripped album (which the cover clearly conveys), Christina became Xtina whom ixnay the "bubblegum pop princess" image, got Dirrty (you remember the song with Redman) and showed the world just how Beautiful standing up for what you believe in can be. 

A track I think was slept on from Stripped (and should have been a radio single) was Loving Me 4 Me. The smooth RnB/Soul track written by Christina Aguilera and Scott Storch (who also produced the tune) shows Christina's versatility as a musician in the RnB/Soul genre. 

Listen to this classic soulful track and share your favorite Christina Aguilera track in the comment section!

February 14, 2015

Forget the movie, listen to Adrian Marcel's soulful EP Fifty Shades of Adrian: Unplugged

Happy "My bae is going to treat me special and surprise me with gifts day", better known as Valentine's Day! While some couples are celebrating the official day of love at restaurants, most people will be spending their Valentine's Day at the movie theaters to see the much anticipated freaky flick movie 50 Shades of Grey!

One musician celebrated the release of the movie with new music! Bay Area singer/songwriter Adrian Marcel wants to show you his side of 50 Shades with the release of his new soulful and sultry EP titled Fifty Shades of Adrian: Unplugged.

The six track acoustic EP features the cover Screamin' Jay Hawkins timeless classic I Put a Spell On You (I'm still in love with Annie Lennox's cover at the Grammy's) and new R&B love tracks such as My Life, my favorite track Put You Out (and the guitar rift is everything in the song) and more...

If you need a soundtrack to conclude your Valentine's Day, put on Fifty Shades of Adrian: Unplugged! Check out the Adrian Marcel's new EP below (courtesy of Souncloud) and share your favorite song(s) from the 50 Shades of Adrian!

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February 11, 2015

View Ibeyi latest music video Ghosts + Preview their upcoming self titled debut album

French Cuban twins Naomi (vocals and percussionist- Cajon and Batas) and Lisa- Kainde Diaz (vocals and pianist), better known collectively as the Yoruba word for "twins" Ibeyi (pronounced ee-bey-ee) caught my attention a few weeks ago when I viewed their latest video Ghosts (via Vevo)! The visual striking video displays the twin organic soulful sound and creative song writing skills!

Recently, my bestie sent me a link from Okayplayer Africa about the free streaming of Ibeyi's upcoming debut self titled album! I listened to the album and I was intrigued how the songs displayed the sister's internal love for family (Mama Says, Yanira-dedicated to their departed sister and Think of You- track dedicated to their late father famed Cuban percussionist Miguel Anga Diaz) and the Yoruba faith (Yoruba orisha's Elegua & Oya).

As someone who has sound knowledge of the Yoruba religion and know people who practices Santaria (religion derived from Yoruba), I think such background makes me connect with Ibeyi's music on another level!

View the visuals from Ibeyi's Ghosts and go on over to NPR to preview the free streaming of the their debut album!