16 October 2014

New hip-hop music: Spends Quality- Feel This

North California's hip-hop artist Spends Quality released his latest track titled Feel This. The laid back, get your body moving track has a 90's hip-hop flow that displays Spends Quality calm flow urges your body to "move dip pop lock and slide".

Check out Spends Quality's Feel This (produced by Byrcon) and tell me if you are feeling this track in the comment section! The track is also available for free download via Soundcloud!

Erykah Badu singing for change in NY, 3 dollars and six dimes to be exact

Funk/Soul/Electronica musician and fashion icon Erykah Badu (aka Low Down Lorretta Brown, bka Manuel Maria Mexico and too many other aliases to mention) took the New York streets for social experiment!

On October 10, 2014 around 8 p.m. Erykah Badu went to Time Square to do something different, sing for money! Donned in her trademark elongated hat, a black sweat suit with gold chains that would make Slick Rick smile, Erykah decided to go incognito by taking off her hat and putting on reading glasses with the granny chain!

After 10 minutes of singing and running up to people asking for moolah, Erykah ended her singing quest and counted $3.60 (6 dimes) from her signature hat! Three dollars and 6 dimes, sounds familiar? Those are the lyrics from her debut single On and On!

One might ask, why would a Grammy winner singer do something like that? I would answer, she's Erykah Badu, that's what she do (oh wow, that rhymes). This is the same lady scared a news reporter for trying to give him a kiss on the cheek!!!

Check out Erykah's singing for change video below (Courtesy of Okayplayer's YouTube channel) and tell me how you really feel about it in the section below! Do you think she would have got more money if she wasn't wearing expensive jewelry? Was the "social experiment" really necessary?

14 October 2014

Brand new Soul- Check out Siji's latest music video- This Must Be Love

On a previous post, I spoke highly of this song stating that I could not wait to hear the full track! Well, the wait is finally over as British singer Siji released a new video for his latest soulful tune This Must Be Love today! Directed and produced by Siji & Oluwaseye, the video displays Siji singing the beautiful lyrics to his hit tune!
This must be love pushing dark clouds aside 
Said it must be love got me scaling great heights 
Some kinda special just the way I feel inside 
- Siji, This Must Be Love

Look and listen to Siji's latest video This Must Be Love and sound off on the tune in the comment section below! Also, make sure to pre-order Siji's upcoming Sunchild EP courtesy of Bandcamp!

10 October 2014

You gotta listen to Sunburnt Soul Choir soulful remake of Divinyls Pleasure and Pain

Did you ever listen to the first few seconds of a song and got a feeling that the track is going to be good? Well I felt this vibe when I first heard the Sunburnt Soul Choir soulful rendition of Australian rock band Divinlys' 1985 classic Pleasure and Pain from their upcoming album Divinlys Reworked!  

The Sunburnt Soul Choir comprises of twenty two talented musicians (including creator Ginger Van Handley, rapper REMiKate Kelsey-Sugg, The Aussie quintet Vaudeville Smash & Hailey Cramer) from various parts of Australia (Melbourn and Sydney) and New Zealand! 

Pleasure and Pain is the first single from the Sunburnt Soul Choir's tribute album Divinyls Reworked. The project is project is dedicated to Divinyls timeless music and the former leading songstress Chrissy Amphlett whom succumb to breast cancer and multiple sclerosis in April, 2013.

Ginger Van Handley spoke about the uniqueness of the choir and stated  “The Sunburnt Soul Choir and this video of their performance is so important to Divinyls Reworked, and to our music community more broadly. It's the first visual from the project, and it's something that you don't see that often. I mean, a soul choir?! That's special. It's so rare to see such a high caliber of artists singing and collaborating together in this way." 

Yes, a soul choir with 22 musicians remaking rock songs is something different and I commend everyone involved in the project! Check out Sunburnt Soul Choir's Pleasure and Pain directed by Ginger Van Handley (and filmed by Sherwin Akbarzadeh) and share your thoughts on the track! Also, check out the tracklist for Divinyls Rework after the video!

Divinyls Reworked - Tracklist 
I Touch Myself – REMi
Science Fiction - Vaudeville Smash 
Pleasure and Pain - Sunburnt Soul Choir
Boys in Town - Killbot Kindergarten
I'll Make You Happy – Screamy 
Casual Encounter - Jade MacRae
Good Die Young - Hailey Cramer
Sleeping Beauty - Jess Harlen
Ring Me Up - Kate Kelsey-Sugg
Human on the Inside - Jace Excell & 7’6
Love School - Georgia Potter
 I’m Jealous - Mimi Velevska 
I'm On Your Side - 5th ft. Bertie Blackman 
Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart - GL 
Asphyxiated - TrĂ© Samuels 
Original Piece - Candy BowersSiren 
(Never Let You Go) - Ginger & W1SP 
Back To The Wall - ZOJO

New music video - Pharrell Williams want you feel that Gust of Wind

Grammy award winning producer, singer, and The Voice judge Pharrell Williams is continuing his successful stride with his latest single Gust Of Wind from his latest album G I R L. To be honest, when I first saw the video, I immediately feel in love with because not only is the video appealing to the eyes, the song is soulful and Pharrell has such an amazing voice! Let's not forget that Daft Punk background vocals gave the song that "disco electronica" added vibe to the track!  The video for Gust of Wind features Skateboard P (do he still goes by that name?) in the forest in the company of women dancing around the forest in elegantly!

I know this is off topic, but I'm going to say it! I'm so proud of Pharrell's progression! I have been listening to his music (The Neptunes) since Kelis debut album (yes, I went way back). Look at him now, an international icon who still looks like he is in his twenties and loves creating timeless musical art in all genres of music (Electronica, Hip-Hop, Soul and more) all while staying calm and positive!

As I digress, check out Gust of Wind video below (courtesy of Vevo) and share your thoughts on the track in the comment section!