December 18, 2014

Soulful Christmas tune: Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings- Ain't No Chimneys in The Projects

The soulful and talented Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings gave the people want they want on the unique Christmas track Ain't No Chimneys in The Projects from their 2011 album Soul Time!

Forget singing about having milk and cookies for Santa, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings paints a lyrical portrait about spending Christmas time in the projects and the life lesson that was taught! 

I can honestly say after hearing this track over a few times, this is one of my favorite holiday songs! Listen to  Ain't No Chimneys in The Projects below and share your thoughts on this soulful track!

Also, shout out the Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings for their 2015 Grammy nomination for Best R&B album- Give The People What They Want! I listened to that album during my travels to Paris France earlier this year and it's good! To sum the album up: old school Soul and Funk with a modern twist! The Grammy nomination is much deserving for a talented group that had experienced trying times (Sharon Jones battle with cancer), but kept it pushing with grace and good music! 

December 17, 2014

New hip-hop music: Method Man, Dominique Larue, M-Dot & Katy Gunn - Shine

Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man teamed up with Boston MA lyricist M-Dot (of EMS), Columbus Ohio femcee Dominique Larue and NY songstress Katy Gunn for the hip-hop track Shine!

As soon as you hit the play button, M-E-T-H-O-D Man starts off Shine with his legendary ill word-play followed by the only female lyricist on the track, Domnique Larue luminous rhyming skills! M-Dot concludes the hip-hop track with his rapid intricate rapping skills! Let's not forget Katy Gunn powerful vocals on the hook for Shine!

What makes Shine shine (no typo) is how each artist unique flow balances on the triumphant and uplifting hip-hop beat produced by Soulplusmind! Also, another plus about Shine is how these artists made a hot song with zero curse words!

Shine is the first single from M-Dot’s upcoming two part debut album “Ego and the Enemy”. The album will feature production from top producers Marley Marl, Hi- Tek, M-Phazes and more..

Listen and download Shine below and tell me what you think about the track in the comment section!

December 16, 2014

New Soul albums of the week: D'Angelo & The Vanguard - Black Messiah + LION BABE debut EP

Michael Archer, better known as D'Angelo surprised social media with the release of his third album Black Messiah at the stroke of midnight on December 15! Prior to the release, Questlove (co-of the album) hosted a private listening party for Black Messiah in NY this past Friday to grace the crowd with new music from D'Angelo and The Vanguard!

Black Messiah comprises of 12 tracks featuring D'Angelo's unique vocals with a mixture of raw Funk, Soul, R&B and Rock! When you listen to the album, it gives puts you in the mindset that you are at a concert with D'Angelo and The Vanguard performing right in front of you! I have listened to the WHOLE album a few times (it's only 56 minutes in length) and I can't complain about one song! A few songs that are earworthy are; the social concise track Till It's Done (Tutu), the soulful love tunes Really Love and Another Life!

Producer Lucas Goodman (aka Astro Raw) and songstress with the lioness tame Jillian Hervey (actress Vanessa L. Williams daughter) fostered a music relationship after meeting each other at a smelly dorm room party! Fast-forward to the present and the talented duo are known as LION BABE!

LION BABE released their self titled debut EP that comprises of tour tracks that features experimental R&B, Hip-Hop & Soul beats provided by Lucas and Jillian's hip and lively vocals (sometimes she sounds like Ms. Badu). Let's not forget Childish Gambino feature on the LION BABE first single Jump Hi! The EP is dope and I can't wait to hear more from the eccentric and innovative duo! A few tracks that are earworthy are Jungle Lady the soulful jam Treat Me Like Fire!

To preview the above album and EP via iTunes, simply click on the album covers! Also, share your thoughts on this week's album release of the week! Enjoy...

December 15, 2014

The Daily Blog Post Challenge: Week 2 Reflection

On December 1, 2014 I announced to the world that I was going challenge myself by posting music everyday on Soul You Know! Well, I'm two weeks in and I did not give up! I will admit that I had faced some challenges (work-life balance and sickness) that could have derailed my goal, but what is life without challenges?

This challenged has made me a stronger, and faster blogger! Also, because I post daily I have the opportunity to explore more music (old and new) which strengthens my Soul and R&B music knowledge! I can't think of any cons because I'm passionate about what I do and I have no regrets.

I got a few more weeks to go and I'm confident that I will complete my goal with a smile on my face! In my own words

If you need inspiration for your current (or upcoming) goals, you can use my challenge as your motivation!

To all my Soul You Knower's THANK YOU for your ongoing support, y'all rock!!!!

December 14, 2014

Soul Reminisce: Don Blackman - Since You Been Away So Long

One of the joys of being a music blogger is expanding my music palate! While I was watching Ariah Dane's latest video on YouTube, the suggested videos listing displayed various music videos but one video stuck out to me because it had a similar title! The audio video titled Since You Been Away So Long was from the late singer/songwriter Don Blackman 1982 self titled debut album and I am glad I clicked on it!

Once I hit the play button, I was greeted with a smooth piano intro followed by Don Blackman soulful voice along with his female background singers! The perfect combination of smooth RnB, Soul and Jazz music (with a quiet-storm feel) and the vocals made me fall in love with the song instantly!

I will admit, that was my first time hearing Since You Been Away So Long and ! When I researched the talented musician, I learned he worked with Roy Ayers, Earth, Wind & Fire and Parliament-Funkadelic. Also, Don released only two solo albums during his career but wrote music scores for various commercials and television shows.

Listen to Don Blackman's soulful tune Since You Been Away So Long and share your thoughts on the timeless, soulful quiet-storm!