March 19, 2015

Is Kendrick Lamar’s new album To Pimp a Butterfly too soulful?

Is that a judge on the ground???
I remember you was conflicted, misusing ya’ influence, sometimes I did the same, abusing my power full of resentment, resentment that turned into a deep depression. Found myself screaming in the hotel room, I didn’t want to self-destruct…

The above words are repetitively heard throughout Kendrick Lamar’s new album, To Pimp a Butterfly! The sixteen track album (including two interludes) sound comprises of soul, jazz, funk and hip-hop thanks to producers, Fly Lo, Pharrell, Taz Arnold, Soundwave and more..

K.Dot (aka The young, and wise beyond his years poet for the streets) pushes the hip hop limits on To Pimp a Butterfly as he use his lyrics to shed light on his strong belief in the supreme being, the streets, race, and politics. Usually I’m turned off by musicians having a lot of features on albums, but on To Pimp a Butterfly, Kendrick choose the “right” features; Philly’s own Bilal, Anna Wise (who was on Kendrick’s previous album), Ronald Isley, Lalah Hathaway, Snoop Dogg, Robert Glasper, Thundercat and more..

March 10, 2015

Young, Gifted and Soulful: Listen to Trè Samuels new track Midnight Medusa

Trè Samuels

“Nightmares make you feel alive, you’re in a discomfort zone and your instinct shifts into survival mode. It’s kinda what its been like for the last 2 years - not the nightmare part (laughing) but the surviving” -Trè Samuels

If Cookie and Lucious Lyons were in need of raw talent to add on their Empire roster, they would go crazy after listening to Trè Samuels (yes, I love that show)!

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, the fifteen year old "future soul and dream rock" singer/songwriter is the latest talent signed to the Australian independent label Creamy Spies and the voice behind Midnight Medusa (his first track from his untitled upcoming EP)!

Showing the vocal maturity from his previous hit track (that I love) The Man I Wanna Be, Midnight Medusa goes a little deep inside the mind of Trè Samuels and, is packed with his soulful vocals and a contagious hard hitting R&B beat that makes you "feel"!

Check out Midnight Medusa and share your thoughts on this young man and his contagious track!

March 3, 2015

Exclusive interview with Jazz/RnB songstress Shayna Steele

Hello my music lovies! I am excited to share my first interview of the year.. I had a chance to have a "soul-versation" with the talented musician, songwriter and actress Shayna Steel. We discuss Europe, her latest album "Rise" and more... Check it out!

Miss Keta M.: Hi Shayna, thank you taking time out of busy schedule for his interview! 2015 is your year, you released your second studio album Rise and currently on an international tour, congrats! As you perform through various city/towns in Europe, do you have a favorite city/town you love performing in and if so why? 

Shayna Steele: Hi! Thanks for the interview! Probably Muri, Switzerland at Musig Im Ochsen is my favorite. I’ve played there 4 times now and the audiences are warm and excited about the music. Most especially the guy who runs the program, Stephan Diethelm is one of my favorite people in this business. He’s been such a huge part of my success overseas. I consider him family! I really enjoyed playing Porgy and Bess in Vienna as well as Moods in Zurich, too!

February 27, 2015

Listen to Tamia's new RnB track - Sandwich and a Soda

Canadian RnB/Soul songstress (and Grant Hill's wife) Tamia new flirty track Sandwich and a Soda gives you a insight on how to treat your man! The intro to Sandwich and a Soda features Tamia's inciting vocals laying down the road map of what she got in store for her man as a bass guitar provides the background track.

As the song progresses, the beat becomes uptempo and Mrs. Hill goes in! She singing about "riding her curves in the Chevy Nova" and when she is done, "she will fluff the pillows and bring him a sandwich and a soda"!

Hey, I guess after all that riding and chauffeuring, who got time to make a five course meal (you might miss another round - you know what I'm saying)? Tamia kept it sweet and simple, a sandwich and a soda (I know that's right...)!

Listen to Sandwich and a Soda from her upcoming album LoveLife (Def Jam Recordings) below and share your thoughts on the track! Enjoy...

February 25, 2015

Classic soul: Christina Aguilera- Loving Me 4 Me

Hey my music lovies! Did you ever hear a song you have not heard in a while and once you hear it, past thoughts (good or bad) flood your brain like a overflowing sink (I couldn't think of anything else that overflows don't judge me, lol)? I have those moments very often when I listen to music, but thanks to Pandora and my co-workers, I can't get Christina Aguilera Loving Me 4 Me out of my head...

Recently, my co-worker played an RnB/Soul music station on Pandora. If you know Pandora, you choose one artist and they play fifty other artists similar to artist and genre. While I'm doing work and one of my favorite tracks from Christina Aguilera - Loving Me 4 Me came on! As soon as I heard the beat, it took me back to my early days of non-stop Pandora streaming! 

From her 2002 Stripped album (which the cover clearly conveys), Christina became Xtina whom ixnay the "bubblegum pop princess" image, got Dirrty (you remember the song with Redman) and showed the world just how Beautiful standing up for what you believe in can be. 

A track I think was slept on from Stripped (and should have been a radio single) was Loving Me 4 Me. The smooth RnB/Soul track written by Christina Aguilera and Scott Storch (who also produced the tune) shows Christina's versatility as a musician in the RnB/Soul genre. 

Listen to this classic soulful track and share your favorite Christina Aguilera track in the comment section!