October 29, 2014

New R&B music: Listen to UK R&B singer Nyakz new track- Emotionless

UK R&B singer Nyakz released another R&B tune from his upcoming EP (due next year) titled Emotionless! The ballad explores the opposite side of love and the pain felt after learning about the infidelities of a mate from a male perspective!

Nyakz soulful vocals and raw lyrics on Emotionless succeeds at making you understand (and feel) how a breakup hurts so much that there are no need for no emotions (if you as he was sand if you been in a relationship gone wrong, you can relate to the track)! Also, another aspect of this song I like is how Nyakz show that REAL men do have emotions! Let's not forget the fly beat with the piano and chords playing through out the track which made the track complete!

Check out the single via Soundcloud and share your thoughts on the track in comment section!

October 28, 2014

4 New RnB/Soul album releases you need in your life- Syleena Johnson, Lil Mo, Jagged Edge + Dionne Warrick

For this week's new R&B/Soul album releases, I got two R&B Divas, a music icon and a quartet that is going back to the RnB basics! Let's start the brief album review off right with R&B Divas LA starlet Lil Mo:

The self proclaimed "hood" diva,author, and songstress Lil Mo released her latest 10 track album titled The Scarlet Letter (named after the 1870 Nathaniel Hawthorne book)! Lil Mo gives listeners her truth about her life - Chest Pains (she tells her whole life story from her relationships to the kids), love (Handsome Complicated & Permission) and her trap side (Imight)! If you need some truth in your life in the form of R&B, this album is for you!

The 5x Grammy award winning songstress (and Whitney Houston's cousin) Dionne Warrick released her latest album titled Feels So Good. The iconic songstress teamed up with top musicians (Cee- Lo, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Ray Cyrus, David Elliott- Dionne's son and more..) for this 14 track duet album! A few tracks that you have to listen to are the Luther Vandross classic A house is not a home (featuring NeYo), Dionne's classic tunes Deja Vu (featuring Jamie Foxx), Close to You (featuring Mya) and I'll never love this way again (featuring Gladys Knight). If you like to hear various genres of music and Dionne's classic you will love this albums. 

October 24, 2014

New music- Take The Long Way with Maryann x Sbvce

Get your lighters and flags ready to wave in the air to Bedroomtrap songstress Maryann second track from her upcoming EP "This Is What The Moon Sounds Like" (due October 30) titled "The Long Way".

The Reggae, Hip-hop and R&B infused track is unique in sound and get your body moving to the hot beat provided by producer Sbvace (who also spit a 16 on the track). Let's not forget my girl Maryann singing about her devotion for her bae!

Listen to The Long Way and tell me what you think about this hot track in the comment section!

When Deep House and Soul music collides: Listen to A-Minor's latest track Somone You Love

Ok, I must admit when it comes to house music I am a novice! The only house music I hear is when I'm shopping at a department store and it kinda put me a chill mood!

When I heard A-Minor's latest track it reminded me of the music I only hear at the stores but only better! Amin Hamzianpour better known as A-Minor is a London based songwriter and producer who started his musical career a few years ago on YouTube providing the world with beat making tutorials! In 2013 A-Minor released his debut deep house hit Thinking Bout The Things that has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube!

Someone You Love is the perfect combination of Deep House and Soul thanks to the soulful vocals of Ruby Wood! A-Minor describes the making of the track: "Ruby Wood (of Submotion Orchestra) and I actually wrote this in the first session we had together. I had some basic chords laid down and it was just one of those songs that came to us very quickly and was a lot of fun to write. She has such a sultry tone and it just made sense to capture that vibe on the track. That's probably why the production ended up being a bit different to most of the stuff I’ve put out because I wanted to stay true to her vocal."

Listen to A-Minor's Someone You Love (courtesy of Soundcloud) and share your thoughts on this Soulful Deep House track!

Mixed by A-Minor, Mastered by Simon Davey (Calvin Harris, FKA Twigs, Metronomy)

October 23, 2014

You gotta listen to Lowercase Letters souful track- Open Blinds

Washington D.C. Indie R&B band Lowercase letters aka lowercaseletters (comprises of lead singer Alphie, producer John Beckham, drummer Asha, gutairst Clinton Cool) latest single Open Blinds takes loving one self in the nude to a soulful and funky level!  Lead singer Alphie provides the lyrical scene for enjoying yourself and invite you to look into her open blinds in her soulful tone! Open Blinds is the third single from the band's upcoming debut album due in November 2014.

Check out the tune from (courtesy of Soundcloud) and share your thoughts on the track. Also, a video for Open Blinds is in the making (can't wait to see it)!