28 August 2014

UK RnB artist Benny Bizzie is looking that special "Someone" on his latest single

UK R&B Benny Bizzle has been on his music grind for almost 10 years and has worked with fellow UK artists Ghetts, BBK, Dot Rotten and producers Wizzy Wow, Truth plus, H-Money and more. 2013 was a big year for Benny Bizzle as he was nominated for two awards (Best Male performer and Best R&B Act) at the Uk's Urban Music Awards alongside Ghetts, Daley, Ed Sheeran and more.

Fast forward to the present and Benny Bizzle is continuing his success with the release of his latest single Someone! Someone is a romantic R&B song with lyrics about insuring his mate he is the one to fall in love with! The beat for Someone is filled with synths, a good amount of bass and drums topped with Benny Bizzle soft but enchanting vocals (gives me with the reminisce of Trey Songz)! 

Check out the seductive video for Someone (directed by Akpe) and share your thoughts on the song and the video! 

***If you love Benny Bizzle latest single Someone, get ready to hear more of his music as his upcoming album The Traveller is set to be released on October 15th 2014!

27 August 2014

Maja 7th | Dominique Larue latest hip-hop music video "Attucks"

Hip hop duo Maja 7th and Dominique LaRue is back with a new video for their hip-hop tune (and one of my fav's) Attucks from their latest album GRAND.

Directed by Red August (who also directed the duo's previous videos) Attucks music video is filled with vibrant imagery and "the face of the franchise" Dominique LaRue alongside Maja 7th showing the world her word play is nothing to mess with! Attucks is also a milestone for the duo as this is the first time the duo are filmed in a video together!

Check out the Maja 7th | Dominique Larue latest video Attucks, (the third music video from their album GRAND) and share your thoughts on it! Also, be on the look out for the duo's first live instrumental album GRANDlive and documentary!

Maja7th | Dominique LaRue - Attucks from Red August on Vimeo

26 August 2014

Rewind- Check out RnB Divas LA Season 2 Full Episode 6

If you didn't see last week's episode of R&B Divas LA (or wanna watch it again), no worries I got you! The show is at the halfway mark and it is short from drama, music and relationship woes! Check out the highlights of this episode of R&B Divas LA:

Don't ask Ms. James about her personal life: Leela James was not feeling the invasive questions from Madame Noir! Once they asked about her personal life, she was not a happy camper it was written all over her face! Hey Leela, if you want Q&A on just your music, holla at me!

Who is Grace Kelly? Yes, Chrisette Michele friend and makeup artist asked that question as they was going shopping for the Grammy's! I understand, not everyone know's Philly born actress whom became the Princess of Monaco! No harm,no foul but the reaction from Chrisette was funny...

Playing cards with the divas: As Chrisette attended the Grammy's, her fellow divas was at Leela's playing cards and having girl time in celebration of Chrisette milestone! While playing cards, Lil Mo raised the question if the Grammy's and the other divas chimed in! 

You betta sang for your life Lil Mo- Lil Mo had a mini concert in LA and sung her new song I'm Not Into You (co-written by her husband- but his parts was taken out of the song for obvious reasons). As Lil Mo belted out the song, she told the audience she forgot the lyrics but like a trooper she freestyle, but the song got the best of her...

Check out episode six in its entirety courtesy of TV One and share your thoughts on the episode in the comment section!

New hip-hop music- Listen to LikWuiD's new EP Likwuidity: In Depth + Free Download

I had to switch it up as yall today. I didn't find new albums to suggest for New Albums Tuesday's but I got one EP you gotta listen to! South Carolina raised and New York based femcee LikWuiD released her latest EP titled Likwuidity: In Depth EP! The nine track EP was solely produced by 2Hungry Bros and features Making the Band's reggae rapper Dylan Dillinjah, Black Moon's DJ Evil Dee and Meredith Hansen. 

Likwuidity: In Depth EP has a ranging of tracks that is giving props to female emcees such as MC Lyte, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Lady of Rage and more (Herstory), social injustice (de sangre), life issues (Circle of Life), a brief look at LikWuiD's up-bring (BTL), and more..

If you looking for an hip-hop EP with variety, intricate word play and hard hitting rap flow, Likwuidity: In Depth EP is for you! Listen to LikWuiD latest EP and download it for free courtesy of DJ Booth and cop the album for digital album via Bandcamp!

22 August 2014

5 Life + Music lessons from TV One's RnB Divas LA (Season 2, Episode 5)

Hello everyone, I know I know I am a tad bit late with this post as R&B Divas LA is now on episode 6! But I got a reason for my tardiness! See what had happen was, I was on a mini vacation in Florida with the fam having a fabulous "hot" time...

But I'm back now and I got five life and music lessons from R&B Divas LA (Full Episode 5) that you can learn from (or tell others about them):

1. Crenshaw is not what it's made out to be: Michel’le invited the divas to her Martin Luther King Jr. performance in the Crenshaw section of LA, but both Lil Mo and Chrisette Michelle raised eyebrows and for a good reason! Lil Mo' stated her hesitation of attending the performance due to the portrayal of Crenshaw as being "Shot em up bang bang" town! Michel’le laid that rumor to rest and stated the Crenshaw is not like that, anymore...  I see why Lil Mo said what she said as the media made Crenshaw look like a battlefield. In the words of Public Enemy "Don't Believe The Hype"!

2. Michel'e breaks down: Prior to Michel’le MLK performance, her music director Kurt Mitchell informs Michele her performance is not 15 minutes, but 30 minutes! Such news can be a blessing to some musicians seemed like a curse to Michel'e as she went on a negative tangent about being "subservient men and her career for the benefit of others", which is a cause for concern! Her reaction to the news made others really concerned, which leads to the next paragraph..

3. Michel’le peaceful intervention: Lil Mo and Leela James concern for Michel’le well being prompt them to have an "intervention" with Michel’le and encouraged her to seek professional help! With Michel’le history of depression and suicide attempts, I'm glad the ladies stepped up and did the right thing!