01 October 2014

Aretha Franklin goes to church on Adele's Rolling in the Deep

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin recently had the internet abuzz as she boldly performed her rendition of  UK songstress Adele's 2010 hit tune Rolling in the Deep (from her 21 album) at the David Letterman Show! The Queen of Soul was singing for her life in her periwinkle sleeveless ball gown! Although Momma Aretha voice was a little pitchy (I don't know if that was intentional or not) when she hit some notes, but she quickly recovered!

Also, I like that Momma Aretha put her own gospel spin on Rolling In The Deep! At the end of the tune, she started singing Motown's iconic female trio The Temptations Ain't No Mountain High Enough as the the background singers was intertwining Rolling In The Deep melody! At the end of her performance, Ms. Franklin got standing ovation (I know that's right Queen)! 

At 72 years young, Aretha showed us that there is no limit to talent and yes, she can still sang! According to Rolling Stone, Ms. Franklin is releasing a new album Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics that features covers from the talented songstress such as Adele's Rolling in the Deep, Alicia Key's No One, SinĂ©ad O’Connor's Nothing Compare 2 U (I love that song, I can't wait to hear her rendition) and more...

Check out the video below and tell me if Aretha did it the thing or she betta not ever do it again!

24 Hour Replay: Prince + 3RDEYEGIRL- ART OFFICIAL AGE + PLECTRUMELECTRUM Album Release Party at Paisley Park Studios (Video)

Yesterday was not only the day that Prince Rogers Nelson released two new albums, but he also had a live album release party at his famous Paisley Park Studios! The album release party was streamed live courtesy of Yahoo Screen! The concert started a few minutes late (not Lauryn Hill late) with a host (I'm sorry I did not catch her name, but she is Prince's photographer) who took viewers on a tour around Paisley Park Studios! 

Although I was anxiously waiting for Prince to perform, the tour did give some behind the scenes on what Prince is cooking in the studio, and his band 3RDEYEGIRL!

An hour later, the tour came to an end and Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL started to perform! I have to give props to 3RDEYEGIRL, especially drummer Hannah Ford who was getting busy on the drums!
After a quick break, someone came on the stage and started rapping! I'm thinking to myself "This dude looks familiar, what is that Kendrick Lamar?" and oh I was right!
The next performance featured Prince's protege and NPG songstress Liv Warfield, I live for Liv's voice! The performance was lively, but for us viewers in a different time zone watching the live feed, that was the last performance for our viewing pleasure!

I love me some Prince but they could have showed one or two more live performances yesterday as I was fighting sleep to see him perform! It's cool, maybe I will be one of the lucky few to catch a glimpse of Prince performing live at Paisley Park or another location!

Check out the 24 hour replay of the album release party via Yahoo Screen (sorry, due to privacy licences, I cannot embed the video on my site) and share your thoughts in the comment section! 

30 September 2014

New RnB/Soul albums from Calvin Richardson + Elijah Blake

Hello my music lovies! I know, I know its been awhile since the last time I posted new music albums! I will admit I thought their were no good releases from the past weeks, but I was wrong! I woman enough to say I am sorry and will make it by displaying the artists videos!

Now that I got that out of the way, let's start on new music for today! I got new music albums that you not only need in your life, but you will have on replay from two talented men! Let's get started...

Calvin Richardson- I Am Calvin

Veteran R&B/soul singer Calvin Richardson released his 6th album titled I am Calvin. The ten track album is 2014 gem that you must get! Beside the fact I love the WHOLE album, their are a few tracks worth mentioning such as the sensual We Gon' Love Tonite that features a suitable a sample of Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing! Calvin range of music also got tunes for Blues lovers such as Dark side of Love and I'll Take Care of You! Calvin also sung The Debarge's All This Love! Although he put the "Calvin Richard's" touch on the song, I'm still in love with the original!

Elijah Blake- Drift

Def Jam latest R&B Elijah Blake released his debut EP simply titled Drift! The 8 track EP is filled with R&B, Soul and ballads from the talented 23 year old artist! Elijah Blake pay homage to classic hip-hop on the following songs; Strange Fruit, hook is similar to Outkast's elevators and Come away features the A Tribe Called Quest's Find My Way! A unique song that gives me the chills is 6! The song describes how a turbulant life of a 6 year old effects his relationships as a grown man! Yes, Drift is an EP you can listen to without skipping a song!

Listen, if you really about that R&B/Soul music life, you will know that the above albums are a must have! To preview the albums, click on the album cover's and listen to the tracks (and cop the albums)!

26 September 2014

I can't stop listening to Omar Lye-Fook's - The Man

While researching for my previous post on Siji's latest EP, I had a "Pandora" moment (looking for one person leads you to other people)! As I was familiarizing myself with Boddhi Satva music, I found out he did a song African based dance song with Omar titled Benefit. I instantly said to myself  "What's going on with Omar" as if he is a distance cousin that I have not seen in awhile! I had to continue my Pandora research on the man, Mr. Lye-Fook...

UK singer Omar Lye-Fook MBE has blessed the world with his unique, soulful vocals and truthful tunes for over 20 years! The London born veteran Soul crooner has released seven albums, featured on numerous songs and have worked fellow musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Estelle, Angie Stone, Common and more..

I listened to Omar's latest album The Man (2013) and I loves it (yeah I said it). The song I can't stop listening to from the album is the title track The Man! The smooth soulful jazz beat + the honest coming of age lyrics= another Omar hit! Another plus I love about The Man is the video! The video is simplistic and drives the point of the song (also features his family)!

Check out the video and if you have yet to listen to The Man, check it out here!

25 September 2014

Coming Soon: Ray Charles' Genius Loves Company - 10th anniversary Deluxe Edition (with two new bonus tracks)

September 23, 2014 marked the 84th birthday of Soul, RnB, Gospel and Blues Icon Ray Charles. Better known as the Genius (successfully integrating various genres of music and making it sound so good), Ray Charles released over 60 albums performed over 10,000 concerts during his music career that spanned over 50 years!  Ray Charles received numerous accolades from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, President's Merit Award, Kennedy Center Honors and more through out his career! Let's not forget the biographical award winning movie Ray featuring the talented Jamie Foxx.

In early 2004 Mr. Charles teamed up Starbucks and Concord Records to record Genius Loves Company, a duet album featuring elite musicians Michael McDonald, Norah Jones, BB King, Diana Krall, and Elton John. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz spoke highly of the album and stated  “It took a lot of people to believe in the record, believe in Ray, believe in the opportunity.”