July 4, 2015

Soul You Know Is Moving...

Hello my Soul You Knower's. and Happy 4th of July! I know it's been awhile since wrote about music because.Soul You Know is moving! Yes, new website, logo, and music, but the same SOUL.

This is my last post on this site as I'm an focused on providing you with new musical content on the new site! However, I encourage you to signup for my new newsletter as I will give you a sneak peak of the website!

Until then, follow me on Instagram & Twitter for updates and I can't wait to debut my new site...

June 16, 2015

5 things I learned from Jaguar Wright's interview on PC Radio

Jaguar Wright/Courtesy of Google Play

Here I am minding my business, checking out pages on Facebook when I stumbled upon PC Radio, a Philadelphia Internet Radio Station. Showing love, (that's what I do), I went to there website to check out their past shows and one caught my attention immediately, Jaguar Wright interview on the Crush & Roll Morning Show.

The R&B/Soul songstress whom worked with Jay-Z, The Roots, Bilal (and more) did not hold nothing back in this thought provoking interview. Jaguar Wright spoke her truth about her music career, K. Michelle and more... Check out five interesting things I learned from of the interview!

Beef, who got beef with K. Michelle

Jaguar Wright stated she shared her thoughts on K. Michele singing Leela James song on Love and Hip-hop Wedding.was via social media. Well, K. Michelle nor her fans was not happy about Jaguar's comments and said some very vile things. The social media insults got so bad Jaguar's son got involved and things went from bad to worst.