January 25, 2013

New R&B Music: Marsha Ambrosius – Cold War

"Love is a war zone we’re standing in the middle
Yes we are baby
You draw your weapon as I’m loading guard my missile
With no one to save us
Guess you keep your guard up hoping I climb over
And I do, baby with time I do
Cause we’re both too stubborn to say we’re hurting
So we stay, when it’s probably best to walk away"

                                                     -Marsha Ambrosius, Cold War

It's cold in Philly (current temperatures in the low double digits, brrrr), and Marsha Ambrosius made it even colder with the release of her new video and single "Cold War" (produced by Diplo). This is her first song from her upcoming album "Friends and Lovers" (Spring 2013).  The British soul and R&B singer (and honorable Philly resident) new song depicts the struggles of a relationship that hits it breaking point with metaphoric lyrics comparing it to elements of war (check out some of the lyrics above)!
The video debut a few days ago is synonymous to the song, but it has a little "illegal" twist to it! To bring this song to life, the video was directed by J. Erving and has fellow cast members from HBO's "The Wire" Felicia "Snoop" Pearson and Michael Kenneth Williams.  
My personal story of Marsha Ambrosius was on April 4, 2011, I had the chance to see her in concert at the TLA (Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia), and she sound and looked great! In true Marsha style, she surprised the crowd with guest artist, no other than the Philly legend herself, Ms. Patty LaBelle herself and the crowd went berserk (check out some of my blurry pictures and video from the concert below). 
I for one cannot wait for her album to come out as I know if its similar to her 2011 album, Late Night, Early Mornings, I know its going to be good! Enough of me typing, check out the video and give me your feed back!
April 4, 2011-  Marsha Ambrosius at the TLA in Philadelphia, PA

April 4, 2011- Patty LaBelle at the TLA in Philadelphia, PA


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