June 28, 2013

Two new hip-hop songs from Haziq Ali: Transitioning + I Don't Care feat. Raheem Devaughn

More than just a nice beat and words, D.C native Haziq Ali provides an expressive picture with his wordplay in his music ! Fellow D.C. native Tabi Booney's close friend and partner in "rhyme", Haziq Ali recently released his new song featuring Raheem DeVaughn better known as "The Love King"!

"I see your flaws and all and I still think you such a dime.
If you put on some weight to have our baby I don't mind (You still fine)!"
                                                                         Haziq Ali & Raheem DeVaughn- I Don't Care

"I Don't Care" is a hip-hop song dedicated to the ladies in a positive way! I like the song, but the above lyrics caught my attention (yessss) and turned my "like" into "love"! Living in a "superficial" world, it's good to see that people are "realistic" when it comes to relationships! I say thanks to Haziq and Raheem for making such a great collab on this song!

Also, don't forget his new video for his video for his touching song titled "Transitioning". The video was filmed amongst his family and friends at his sister's nuptials (yes, real talk).  A song that contains heart felt lyrics and a melodic and soulful beat, "Transitioning" is dedicated to his father who passed away a year ago! Check out his new song and tell me your thoughts on it!

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