July 6, 2013

Part 1 Recap: Wawa Welcome America 2013 Philly 4th of July Jam feat. Ben Taylor, Jill Scott, Grace Potter, The Roots and more..

I hope everyone continues to enjoy their fourth of July weekend. If you are in Philly, the festivities are still going on until tomorrow! I had the opportunity to check out the free annual Wawa Philly Jam concert! This year was the concert was televised to the world thanks to VH1.

I must say Philly was in the building that night! Musical guests Jill Scott, most of the members of The Roots and comedian Kevin Hart all hail from the city of Brotherly Love! Below is a mini review on the artists that performed at the Philly Jam! Before I start, I want to give a big thank you to Wawa Welcome America for giving me the opportunity to cover this event for Soul You Know! The staff was very friendly and informal!

Check out my unbiased and raw review on the concert and some things you did not see on television...

With must anticipation and the sweltering heat, it was hard to move around in the crowd as people from all walks of life moving and going in various directions. A walk that takes on average 5 minutes took me 20 just to make it to the media check in station. As I approached the media station, I was asked for identification and was told to sign in and obtain my press credentials. After I had received my press pass, I was instructed to waiting on further instructions for writing press! 15 minutes later, I was escorted to the press area (with photographers and other writing press people) and waited for the fun to start!

The first act was Ben Taylor, the musician son of fellow musicians Carly Simon and James Taylor. He graced the stage with a few of his songs. I highly advised you to check out the song titled “It Really Doesn't Matter to You", (very cerebral). What Ben did that had the crowd going crazy was his rendition of rapper’s TI, "Whatever You Like", that was dope!

After Ben's performance, house band of the night, The Roots gave an energetic performance  Fellow Philadelphian DJ Jazzy Jeff was spinning on the ones and twos as The Roots performed some of their great songs (such as "The Seed"). You talking about energy, the Roots gave you that, no wonder they are good at what they do!

Jill Scott equals amazing, Ms. Scott vocals matched the way she was looking, simply gorgeous! Jill blessed the crowd with a few of her hit songs, and even "went" in on Stephanie Mills classic "Home" (beautiful song)! As the show went on commercial break, she graced the audience with her hit song “Blessed” (yes, Jill kept going while the cameras were off)! You gotta love Jill Scott!

Singer and songwriter Grace Potter came out with a stunning dress and a bad ass guitar. Ms. Potter rocked out, and she was still wearing that dress! Her dress was gorgeous, and she was so rocking and roll she had to kick her shoes off and get into her performance! She performed her songs and Aretha Franklin's Rock Steady!

Well, that's all for now folks! Check out part two of my recap...

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