July 6, 2013

Part 2 Recap: Wawa Welcome America Philly 4th of July Jam feat. J. Cole, The Roots & more...

Check out part two of my Philly Jam recap:

As I wrote some notes down during Hunter Hayes set, I started hearing the crowd chant "J. Cole, J. Cole", I didn't know that was a warning of the following events... After Hunter Hayes set was over, the crowd heard J. Cole voice, and they went nuts. Before they could even announce J. Cole was coming to the stage, the crowd a few feet behind me went crazy and pushed down the short metal barriers and ran inwards to see J. Cole!

No one was fatality injured, and I wasn't touched! But I'm thinking to myself, "OK have to plan my exit strategy"!

I have to give it to J. Cole, he had that crowd going crazy with performing his current songs from his new album "Born Sinner", but can someone tell me what does he has that made the crowd get "hulk" like that!

I'm not going to lie after J. Cole, my "Spidey" senses was telling me I had to roll. The crowd was massive, and I know I didn't leave soon, I would never make it home cause traffic would be a mess once the concert was over! When I tired to make my "fabulous" escape, it failed cause the direction I was about to go would have gotten me nowhere until  (yes the crowd was as thick as molasses) until a news photographer suggested I follow him and helped me get through the crowd! Consider it my "Bodyguard" moment!

Sorry Ne-yo, I couldn't stay to see you perform, but from looking at your performance on VH1, you did the "thing"!

My overall opinion on the concert, it was an experience that I would never forget, but I think the city should have set better precautions in place (i.e.the metal barriers). I can't speak for the whole area, but where I was located at, those metal barriers were no match for the J. Cole fans! it was a prominent look for Philly and beyond. I would have love to gain access to interview some of the music guests such as Jill Scott, Grace Potter and more! Yes, I am putting my plug out there to get interviews, no shame in my game!

If you were in attendance at the concert, or if you knew someone at the concert, share your thoughts on the 2013 Philly Jam below in the comment section!

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