August 15, 2013

Monologue Who, Monologue What! R&B Divas LA- Full Episode 6

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This week's drama episode of R&B Divas LA got a little intense, let me explain with my brief synopsis! Chante expressed to the divas (minus Claudette and Kelly) her feelings, and how she felt deserves an apology.

Dawn Robinson is still weighing her options on having a baby. Dawn and her beau visit an adoption agency to gain more knowledge on how the adoption process works! Dawn also visited a holistic doctor to get advice on what she needs to do prior to becoming pregnant! The doctor gave her a laundry list of things to detox her and her boyfriend bodies so they can become healthy and fertile!

Lil Mo "The Mediator", Chante and Kelly had a meeting to get things "squared away" so they can move forward with the monologue! Kelly stated that she was not talking about Chante when she referenced the "Tims, Vaseline and Straight Edge", it was props (yeah right). During the conversation, Kelly did agree with the ladies that she is OK with the current producer, but she dropped some news that devastated Lil Mo and Chante and all "ish" hit the fan afterwards!

I'm all done with my synopsis, check out the full episode to see what Kelly said to the fellow divas that made the direction of monologues more confusion than it was!

Full Episode 6- Diva Throw Down

Side note: Lil Mo and the hats, that's all I'm going to say...

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