September 24, 2013

All Basses Covered: My experience at my first DJ set with DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow
DJ Shadow/Courtesy of Magnum PR

September 14, 2013 was the night of many events, but I had to choose to between two, watch the Mayweather-Alvarez fight or attend an invited DJ show (Decision, decisions, decisions)! I choose to step out of my element and see DJ Shadow.  Josh Davis better known as DJ Shadow is a Cali native instrumental hip hop and electronica DJ who been in the game over 20 years.

To accompany me to the show, I asked my "bestie" who has a little more knowledge about DJ'ing than I do  to come along! It was a last minute, but he came with me (and he also invited another friend)! We arrived at DistrictN9NE (formally known as Starlight Ballroom) after 10pm. As we entered,  there was another DJ playing (did not get his name, but he was good), and we saw how eccentric the crowd was (from goth to bootie shorts)!  Me, I'm used to it, so I was not fazed about it, but my friend and his friend was asking me "What did I get them into?"! As I was checking the scene, I was also taking it all in as I was getting myself ready for something I never experienced before!

The flyer said 9 p.m. my "social" bestie got the info that DJ Shadow will grace Philly with his presence at 12 am.  While we waited for the show the start, we ate and chatted, but I noticed the crowd moving towards the front of the staging area around 11:55 pm as the music changed and the first DJ left (queuing DJ Shadow is about to perform)! When he finally came on, DJ Shadow thanked the crowd for attending his show, and he began an almost two hour set of nothing but great music from all genres! For my true instrumental hip-hop and electronica peeps that are about to  experience DJ Shadow's All Basses Covered show, let me share some highlights of the Philly show!

DJ Shadow is humble and personable

The official music arranger for Grand Theft Auto V,  had no problem picking up the mike and talking to people in the crowd during his set! Shadow informed the crowd on various music he was playing along with how long it took him to create the music for the Philly show!  Shadow also put the crowd on to music from Europe named "footstep" (sounded pretty good)!

No computers, just DJ equipment

The instrumental hip hop/electronica DJ let the crow now he is not into the computers! Although the set was pre-recorded he added live elements to his set such as Electronic Percussion Controller, faders and plenty of bass!  For the finale of the show, Shadow went in on the Electronic Percussion Controller and the crowd was going crazy (in a suitable way)!

DJ Shadow has music for everyone

DJ Shadow gave the crowd everything they wanted and more! If you were not into electronica, you learned to appreciate it as DJ Shadow mixed it with hip hop! The way he went from electronica to hip-hop classics (Big Boi's "Cryptonite" and music from Notorious BIG) was flawless!

Overall, I was impressed as I already knew what I was getting into, but my friends "on the other hand" was not aware of DJ Shadow's work! As a firm believer of "I could show you better than I can tell", they saw for themselves why I wanted to see the veteran DJ in person! My bestie and his friend left the venue appreciating Shadow's music and also trusting my musical instincts more! When DJ Shadow "All Basses Covered" tour come to your city, just know that you will be in for a show that is unique and lively!

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