September 5, 2013

Oh boy: Wendy Williams hosts R&B Divas LA reunion show part 1- Full episode

R&B Divas LA Reunion Show
R&B Divas LA reunion show- Courtesy of TV One online

TV One brought the Queen of messiness media Wendy Williams to host the first R&B Divas LA Reunion show! Wendy Williams held no punches and asked the divas questions that some had on their mind and most would have never thought about asking! Check out some of the questions Wendy asked the divas:

Claudette Ortiz sleeping with both members of City High!

Claudette was honest in her answer to that question! Lets me clear something up, I was 16 years old when I was with Robbie, and he was abusive with substance abuse issues. My ex husband (Ryan) was the only one that had my back when Robbie was being abusive! We were best friends at first, and we fell in love!

Michel’le having babies with Dr.Dre and Suge Knight!

The bubbly high pitched diva stated: Dr. Dre and I was in a relationship for nine years.. He cheated on me with many women, and one them is his current wife! Suge Knight relationship occurred three years after Dr. Dre, and they got married over the phone while Mr. Knight was locked up!

Wendy was not done with the "interesting" questions! Check out the full episode and let me know your thoughts on the reunion show! Do you think Wendy Williams questions were a lill over the top?

Full episode R&B Divas LA Reunion Part 1

Courtesy of TV One Online

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