December 26, 2013

The Love King shows his admiration for "Pink Crush Velvet" in his new music video

Raheem DeVaughn
Raheem DeVaughn/Courtesy of Raheem's website

Raheem DeVaughn better known as #TheLoveKing really shows the reason why he earned his title in his new video titled Pink Crush Velvet. The single is the latest love song is from R&B crooner current album, A Place Called Love Land.  If you don't know what "pink crush velvet" refers to, use your imagination or just watch the extended version of the video, and one of the models clearly tell you what it is in one word!

The video, oh yeah the video, let me point out a few things that caught my attention from this video!  I like the fact Mr. DeVaughn used women of various shapes and sizes! Another thing that caught my attention was the pink panties on top of the piano at the beginning of the video! Ok, we already got black panties (thanks to Kels), now pink (very clever), whats next magenta, neon orange (I'm just saying)!  

In all fairness, Raheem really shows his "freaky" side in this video and his love for "pink"! Check out the video and share your thoughts on in the comment section!

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